MHD-031 1875w hair dryer

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MHD031 has the black and sliver body,fashion shape,1800W power,three speed adjustment,negative ion function,ultraquiet design,foldable handle.

1.MHD031 can send negative ion 300ion/m3that balance thepositive and negative ionshair,take away static electricity,lock in moistureand penetrate into thecortex,closingthe cuticle.it letsyour hairsuppleand shiny.

2.<high/low>speed adjustment key,cool shot for setting the style,125V-250Vdual voltageregulator.

3.The foldable handle,easy to carry and saving space.

4.MHD031 with the more reasonable internalstructuretoreduce the noisedecibel,max lower the impact to the surrounding environment.

5.The 1800W power let your hair dry within 5 minutes.

6.MHD031 using the heatbalanceprocessing technology,evensendinghot.

7.Removable transparent concentrator,chamfered surface curved outlet,faster your hair dry

8.Everylargecurveddouble-column inlet,beautiful shape, eveninto the wind.

9.Super power,energy efficient high-powermovement,multi-piecerotatingblades,more evely wind,faster hair dry.

10.The internal using radiation heat insulation layer,to maintainnormal temperatureoperationallows you to usethe fullworry.

11.Double safety protection,high-grade leakage protectionplug,withsuper thickcopperwire.

12.one page single color 100g manual,bulb bag,4 color gift box.The inner carton257*257*85mm,export carton 450*450*350mm.

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