MHD101 Mini Travel Hair Dryer

Mini travel hair dryer

Cool shot for setting

long life DC motor

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1.Mini for travel,easy to take

This production looks tiny and exquisite.it's one pen height makes it a necessary gear during the travel.the shining pink to show beauty.

2.Two wind speed

It has two wind speed and temperature setting.blow mildly.It also has a individual cool button.Which makes your hair easy to cool down after the styling.It can make various styling based on different kind of hair.Which makes it suit for all kinds of hair.

3.Constant temperature to protect hair

It can keep the constant temperature,lock the water.Which guaranteed the healthy of hair's inside structure.those whose hair is dry can smooth they hair and keep the hair shining by using our dryer with variable temper setting.

4.High power,meet the common needs

800W power can meet the common needs no matter how long the hair is.And the key is that it's easy to carry with.And using high quality spring heating coil.With which it can prevent the damage caused by hairline overheating by distrubuting the heat evenly.

5.Long-life DC motor

Wind leaves is designed as the plane's turbine blade,with long-life DC motor.It can deliver the powerful wind,and concentrate the wind.Reduce the wastage,prolong the service life.

6.Double stall type air inlet

Using Double stall type air inlet,the outer layer using square fence type design, to prevent inhalation of hair and ensure air inlet angle in the suction state, column design, across the inner small hole clean air, avoid damage to internal components.

7.detachable air collecting mouth

The detachable air collecting mouth,Ceramic-Tourmaline Air outlet grill,this design can effectively change the direction of air flow drier and enhance strength,the rapid directional dry hair, so as to realize the rapid modeling.

8.long copper cable

1.8m 360 Swivel pure copper match with anti leakage plug the power cord, whenever and wherever to protect your safety.

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