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my hair dresser, my hair designer

MHD HTLC LLC, founded in 2005, our main products include hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair dryers.MHD is design, production, sales of integrated modern hairdressing products company. Our products are CE, CB,ROHS,ETL,CETL and REACH certified. Our products are vitality, dynamic, easy to use for the design concept. Leading the modern fashion trends.To show the vitality of contemporary contemporary, colorful life attitude. Dedicated to you who unwilling to ordinary.To create exclusive own beauty.MHD believe the corporate philosophy that innovation is the source of our enterprise's development,quality is the first vitality of enterprise,service creates enterprise's value.Concentrated research and development, continue to make breakthroughs, to build the right product for fashion lover , is unremitting pursuit of MHD people. MHD now is liked by fashion lovers more, become a popular brand in hairdressing tools.

Brand culture

MHD is derived from founder, international Salon master Lee. MHD is the achievement of beauty dream and perfect styling concept. The founder discover that fashion lovers could not get effect what they want insalon shops, even communicate with designers. Styling tools on the market are quite a mixed bag, cosumers are difficult to identify. Even a lotof tools for hair there is irreparable damage, not to mention styling results.Founder determined to create a genuine understanding of hair styling products. MHD for the organizational structure of the hair and hair characteristics of the population in Europe and America to develop products. Based on the official hair a deep understanding of the functional structure ofthe product, material, appearance is reflected on the perfect shape. Eventually create MHD’s hairdressing tools really “understand” hair.MHD is easy to achieve the best results in your mind styling tools. Let youenjoy showing your design talent, show your beautiful qualities, to be your own hairdresser.

Technology showcase

Tourmaline ceramic

MAGICA heating plate

Tourmaline ceramic • smoother than smoother

Metal ceramics heater professional stylists necessary

GALAXY negative ions

Negative ion emitter instant release millions of negative ion.By Kirlian photography, negative ions like vast the galaxy.Negative ion and hair ion particle neutralize negative charges from hair.so that make each hair smooth and shiny,also can eliminate electrostatic,to reap desirable benefits.

negative ions

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