Diane Kruger Will join the MHD

Congratulate Diane Kruger!

Congrats Diane! you show MHD a new Temperament.

Diane Kruger started her career as a ballet dancer, model and actress. Now, we can add haircare ambassadress to the list of her many accomplishments! The MHD beauty no doubt landed her the gig and we couldn’t be happier for her!

The official press release, released on April 8, reads:

“With her natural elegance and beauty, Diane Kruger is one of the freshest, most recognizable faces in film. Attracted by her sophistication and artistic spirit, the House of CHANEL chose her for its ALLURE fragrance advertising campaign in 1996, then again for the Paris-Biarritz handbag advertising campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld in 2007. Now an ambassadress for CHANEL, Diane Kruger will be the face of a new skincare advertising campaign, due to be unveiled in 2014.”