What to Expect with Your Hair When Youre Expecting

What Your Mother Never Told You About Your Hair and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is quite the experience and full of surprise changes in your body from your head to your feet. Whether it's your first child, your last, or one in between, you may find that your hair goes through as many changes as the rest of your body. Like all things kids, some changes are great, some not so great; some are temporary and others can be permanent.

A lot of women feel very alone with their hair changes during pregnancy, and a lot of my clients feel like they're going bald or half crazy. Hormone changes are one of the biggest culprits in hair change, so trust me when I say that most women experience hair changes when they're pregnant. I assure you, it's all completely normal, but I've put together a list of the most common hair changes during pregnancy.

If there's one big change that almost every woman reports during pregnancy, it's thicker longer hair and awesome hair days. Thank those extra hormones, because it's their job to make sure that baby in your body grows strong and healthy. A side effect is that the extra hormones shift your hair's growth cycle, keeping your hair in the growth phase during your entire pregnancy. Basically, all that hair that you normally shed on a daily basis, stops falling out. You'll find that you may not shed a single hair while your pregnant.

Some research suggests that hair strands actually get thicker while a woman is pregnant. Meaning the diameter of each hair increases during pregnancy.

Unusual hair loss while you are pregnant happens to very few women. If you experience hair loss, this may be due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, and mentioning it to your physician is highly recommended.